Self-portrait by Mathis Teis with shadow play.


Mathis Teis is a French artist-author and photographer, born in 1991 in Paris.

His work explores the limits of the photographic process and proposes a reflection on the notion of reality. By seeking to emancipate himself from pure representativeness, he questions the status of the photographic image and invites us to rethink our relationship with it.

His intuitive and formalist approach questions the objectivity of the medium and encourages us to take a different look at our environment.

Through a minimalist approach, he delivers a singular vision that plays with the codes and references (particularly pictorial) of art. This approach questions the capacity of photography to abstract itself from reality to become an autonomous art.

"Cézanne turned reality into abstraction, and Mondrian turned abstraction into reality. They separated abstraction and reality [...]. There is a superior solution to that of Cézanne and Mondrian: to demonstrate that reality is an abstraction."

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